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Samantha MacAdam

Becoming a director and writer was my unavoidable and undeniable path in life.  From devouring movies since I was a toddler to practicing and believing that all my adolescence problems could be solved by the right John Hughes movie or "Dawson Creek" episode or even the right "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episode (I was a bit of an odd teen).  Storytelling is not just my passion but it's in my blood.  My career began as a film and television editor, an invaluable tool under my directing belt.  I am a seasoned director and screenwriter with over a decade of experience. Most recently, I successfully wrote and pitched the story and treatment for "The Nut Job 3", starring Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph and Jackie Chan and I wrote and directed "Prom Night".  A comedy starring comedian Gerry Dee.  The film premiered at "Just for laughs" and beat out 650 films to make it as a Top 5 finalist in Kevin Hart's LOL Network film development deal competition, "Eat My Shorts".  We were the only Canadians in the Top 5 and I was the only solo female writer/director.  Since the film's premiere I have received inquiries from NBC and Lionsgate regarding the feature script which is currently in development.  Also, I currently work as a freelance director, some of my clients include Cineplex Entertainment, Corus Entertainment and CBC television, where I direct various commercials and promotional items.  Next on the directing project slate is "The Horrible History of Harriet Jones", a psychological horror, about a woman trying to break free from her dark restless past and Stephen King's "The Reach", which I recently acquired the rights to direct.  While I am an award winning writer, director and editor, directing is where my heart really sings.  Besides having the right interpersonal skills and having studied the craft, I believe it's my unique and diverse perspective as a woman, a mother, a wife, as an artist, that makes me an exceptional storyteller. An exceptional director.

Select Awards & Highlights

* Finalist in Kevin Hart's LOL Network film development competition "EAT MY SHORTS", 2017.

* "Prom Night", premiered at "Just For Laughs" in Montreal, 2017.

* Shadowed veteran director, Stefan Scaini on Family Channel's hit television show, "The Next Step", 2017.

* "Alias Grace" Set-visit, experience production and talked creative with director, Mary Harron and Halfire Entertainment Executives 2016. 

* BravoFACT recipient, 2016.

* Finalist in WIFT-T & BravoFACT pitch competition, 2016.

* Acquired the directing rights for Stephen King's short story "The Reach", 2016.

* Film pitch competition winner, wrote the story for the third installment of the animated films "The Nut Job", starring Will Arnett, Jackie Chan and Maya Rudolph. Toonbox Entertainment, 2015.